10. Türkiye Emok Festivali
 Ana Sayfa
You know, we generally say "it is important to be on the way not to arrive"... In September, 2001, we were entwined by a motivation of way. But with a small difference; we were aware of where we would like to arrive. It would be the best way to be organized as an association to get our goal.

With this idea, a motorcycle club was established. We believed this establishment which we felt as a need would integrate the people and totally new cooperation opportunities. With this power, we knew that we would be able to get the goals which will provide benefit in motorcycle, nature, geography, traffic and security in our country.

We have been prepared for a long journey. For sharing our awareness regarding motorcycle, our desire for travel and recognition, for self-improvement and development... We took as our main missions to be aware and make aware, our country familiarization, cooperation with foreigner motorcycle-lovers, contest organizations, and even solidarity in natural disasters and we said "go along!" and "the time is up!"...We pressed the starter and took the road. Our eyes were
seeking for fellow travelers of every age, every lifestyle, every nation and every land, who would join us, share his/her awareness with us in every stages, on the way, by the road, who stay in front of his/her house, on a mount, by a river, by a sea.  In this way, we become "WE", and took the road, turned into a great convoy becoming EMOK.

Our way will never end... There will always be a new destination, a new route but EMOK will always be on the way.
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