10. Türkiye Emok Festivali
 Ana Sayfa
Having juridical status, EMOK (Enduro Motorcycle Club Association) is an association which makes an endeavor to bring together all motorcycle-lovers.

EMOK performs activities to raise the consciousness about motorcycle; to organize safety driving trainings and to effort in popularizing trainings; to defend and develop the rights of motorcyclists; to raise the consciousness about culture, geography and nature; to organize
contests; and foreigner motorcycle friends.

In April, 2002, EMOK welcomed in Istanbul a crowded motorcycle group which it invited from Greece. This even had been the most crowded motorcycle tour from Greece to abroad up to that date and had a broad repercussion in press of both countries.

Every year EMOK organizes a Motorcycle Festivals open to all of the riders.  Several Motorcycle Clubs, and groups join for a weekend of music, activities, games and good fun.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the festival.

EMOK ENDURO race held in Şile is registered by the Tursh Motorcycle Federation.

EMOK has organized tours and events for discovering our country and given weight to the activities to defend the rights of motorcyclists and to every kind of training and consciousness-raising activities.

EMOK conducts certificated safety driving training seminar activities in ADAC standards. Motorcycle Safety and Handling, Theory, first aid courses as well as driving tours under the supervision are organized.

EMOK also organizes events for the purpose of defending the rights of motorcyclists. It opposed the change in highway toll against the motorcycles; resorted to the jurisdiction through its lawyer members and got a result.  It made an attempt regarding unsafe motorcycle speed limits. There has been made some preparations for various
enterprises about road barriers and various dangers on our highways.

EMOK is the full member of Federation of European Motorcyclists' Association (FEMA) since October, 2007. You can apply for membership to support the activities executed by EMOK.

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